Premium brands distributed by Torres Sloane’s, Beluga, The Pisco, El Gobernador and Pisco Torres 10, organized a cocktail at the booth of Studio Glass in the last edition of Alimentaria. For this occasion, the event has enjoyed the cooperation of the bartender Miquel Barreda, who made custom cocktails such as gin tonic with Sloane’s and its very specific way to make the tonic in the glass (see photo). There was also the Pisco El Gobernador and Russian notes with Beluga vodka. Each cocktail was made with one of these products. With Torres 10, Barreda prepared a very special mojito and a hint of fresh mint.


Tasting Notes

Sloanes’s Gin: exceptionally smooth, with an excellent balance of flavors. A delicious aroma with citric gin as the dominant grass, unmatched by any other gin.

El Gobernador Pisco: colorless, shiny, with a silvery sheen, made with pink grape of Muscat Rosé and Alexandria varieties. Great floral aroma, with notes of roses and jasmine. The palate is round, creamy even with a long back and lingering taste.

Torres 10: CDark topaz color. The nose offers notes of candied fruits, surrounded by sensual aromas of Mexican vanilla and other exotic spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.

Vodka Beluga: Clear as crystal, fresh colors and flavors of flowers and wheat, full pn the palate, rich and well balanced. Sharp and pleasant aftertaste.