what’s in this jar?
Olive oil

Studio Glass, an innovative company in glass personalisation with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, shows the trends in the design and decoration of olive oil bottles, evolving towards sophistication and elegance.

It could look like the bottle of a sophisticated French perfume. Or it could be the bottle that stores a medicinal balm with an ancient remedy that is no longer available in pharmacies. Or perhaps a cosmetic jar that contains a cream for softening and moisturising the skin. What fills these bottles is also a product with a sophisticated and appreciated character, but it is not any of the things mentioned above. What Emmanuel Lorenzo, Managing Director of Studio Glass, is showing are bottles of olive oil. So natural, so essential.

Since the early 2000s, oil sales have completely changed their business model in Spain, moving from bulk marketing for foreign companies to the sale of oil packaged in bottles destined for the end consumer. And that requires careful packaging that is at least commensurate with the value of the product it contains.

“Twenty years ago there weren’t many bottles of oil in Spain, it was all in bulk and in plastic jugs.”recalls Emmanuel. He knows what he is talking about as he has years of experience with Studio Glass, one of the few companies specialising in the niche market of premium glass customisation.

With more than 20 years of experience, Studio Glass helps to design and decorate the glass bottles, glasses and tumblers of the main brands of drinks and gourmet food such as the oils we have in front of us.

For this purpose, he works with screen printing or coating among other techniques. Can you do all the things that a client demands”?, we asked. “If the design is clear and the glass already exists, the second step is to adapt it. We offer advice throughout the process, but I don’t impose anything, we work hand by hand with the marketing or packaging departments”.

Products with trendy packaging

In his hands he tactfully handles a 500ml bottle of “Extravagancia” olive oil, which, like its name, suggests elegance and sophistication. A small artistic piece that turns the final product, the content and the container into a sober and minimalist luxury. He also shows another little treasure, a bottle halfway between a cosmetic container and a bottle more typical of a high-proof beverage.

The style of ‘9 Segons’ olive oil is one of geometric purity and delicacy with a contemporary design: it is definitely a unique creation for a very unique product of which only exclusive productions are made.

But Studio Glass’ work with these bottles is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. Creating bottles without paper labels makes the bottle cleaner: “The advantage is that you don’t see the oil drops on the paper. With screen printing, there are no smudges on the label and this does not affect the image of the bottle” he explains.


Innovation also in painting

Another way to transform bottles and give them that touch of distinction that the customer is looking for is by painting. The bottle of ‘9 segons’ was coated with organic inks. The paint on the bottle also serves the customer’s purpose of protecting the product from UV rays and sunlight in general”..

It is difficult to find a completely transparent oil bottle, but beyond the classic dark green glass bottles “we can decorate a container in a much more striking way, but at the same time with the idea of avoiding spoiling and changing the colour of the oil just because it has been exposed to normal sunlight for two months”.

“In the coming years, the trend is to decorate more and more bottles, also oil bottles, looking for elegance to create a more complex product, and Studio Glass will be here to offer it”.