Studio Glass, a leading suppliers of food and beverage companies, opened the first showroom in Spain in the field of glass personalization, gathering professionals in these industries that become the first nursery business where designers and customers from the packaging sector will have a Meeting Point in order to implement their projects.

The showroom of 500m2 is divided into two areas where there is a sampling of the various work of Studio Glass, Estal and MAJ Packaging, fruit of their experience in the glass industry for the last 20 years. While Estal and MAJ Packaging provide different models of special bottles corresponding to customer needs, Studio Glass is in charge of printing directly onto the bottle, turning the glass object into a piece of design and a distinctive value for brands.


Unique products. Brand value

Studio Glass offers personalization through the glass, a unique product on the market, which is not only affecting/impacting but also reflects the principles defended by the brand. “We help our clients build and optimize the image of their products“, says Emmanuel Lorenzo, CEO of Studio Glass for Spain and Portugal.

The main areas of Studio Glass activity include bottles and other glass containers on one side and drinking glasses on the other. The company Works mainly on special bottles, and here Studio Glass is a reference to its quality, speed of execution and flexibility. As for the advertising glassware, the service is customized for any type of POS promotions, on-pack promotions, handling, special packaging, storage and distribution. Studio Glass works in the field of wine, beer, spirits, food, water, juices and sodas.

Ritzenhoff Partnership

Since 2005, Studio Glass and Ritzenhoff work together in Spain, providing exclusive distribution for Spain, France and Portugal glassware, ceramic and porcelain in different industries. The extensive experience of the German Ritzenhoff, a leading glass manufacturers in Europe, with its own brand in the world of design, has developed in all his creations objects that brighten and gives life to the house and the tableware.

The alliance of Studio Glass with both units, Ritzenhoff Design ® and Ritzenhoff Cristal, allow adapting the catalog products to design and manufacture what the customer wants is to say, to his measure.