After brewing 41.1 million hectolitres of beer, Spain will regain second place in production in the European Union in 2022. With this volume of production, Spain overtook Poland in beer production and is only behind Germany in the European context.

This has been possible thanks to different factors such as the recovery of tourism (which has doubled compared to 2021), the continuation of beer consumption habits at home acquired during the pandemic, fundamentally accompanied by other foods, and the notable increase in exports.

 cerveza y tapa



This production has a very positive impact on the country as it contributes to the creation of more than 400,000 jobs (90% in the on-trade), making Spain the second country in which the beer sector generates the most jobs, only behind Germany. Moreover, 87% of the beer consumed is brewed within its borders, incorporating local and indigenous raw materials.

Although consumption is still social and moderate: more than 90% of beer drinking occasions are associated with times when other foods are consumed. However, on-trade consumption has not yet recovered to pre-pandemic levels; in 2019 around 70% of beer was consumed outside the home, but in 2022 this rate fell below 60%.

In any case, beer remains the most widely consumed cold beverage in the on-trade, where 94% of consumption is in a social context, i.e. surrounded by friends, family, a partner or work colleagues.