One more year, Ritzenhoff presents its novelties at Ambiente, one of the largest events with more than 4,600 exhibitors from more than 90 countries and 100,000 visitors around the world where the latest product lines dedicated to Dining, Giving, Living and home decoration are shown.

For five days, the world in Frankfurt hosts the largest and most significant trade fair for consumer goods in the world. Ritzenhoff has presented exciting new products in the field of glassware. German dealers, international export partners, designers and press from around the world used the fair for information and exchange. 

Of course the new collections Cocktail and Edelbrand were especially in focus. 

ambiente 2019 novelties cocktail 3

Anything is possible when it comes to cocktails: mixed, shaken or stirred. It’s all a matter of taste. And the drink not only have to taste good, but also look the part. Ritzenhoff’s new Cocktail collection has reinterpreted the classic cocktail glass with gold and platinum decorations featuring sophisticated cocktails. The glasses are also the perfect accessory for a homemade cocktail.

It is said that a fine brandy has two souls, namely its bouquet and its taste. A special glass is required to fully enjoy both. Ritzenhoff has created the Edelbrand glass collection for just this reason. The glass’s stem sits well in the hand so that the contents can be gently swirled before drinking. This allows the brandy’s aromas to reach the nose. The glass’s wide goblet shape allows the brandy to fully develop its aromas. The decor reflects brandy heritage across a number of different themes, while the gold and platinum finishes underline the glass’s exclusivity. 

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