Since 1987 this event of haute cuisine has been held annually, the Gourmets show, an exhibition that is already essential in the annual agenda of Madrid that unites innovation, gastronomy and tradition. And one more year Studio Glass joins the date.

Around 1,800 products were exhibited at the first fair to the more than 8,000 visitors. Since that first meeting, the exhibition has been expanding its radius of influence to become the European fair of gourmet products and the international showcase where delicatessen from the culinary cultures of countries around the world are exhibited.. 

This year, between 45,000 and 50,000 products were exhibited in the 33rd Gourmets show among the 1,976 exhibitors spread over more than 67,000 m2. There have been many booths of individual companies but more and more institutions and official organizations with spectacular booths that come to the fair to exhibit as a parallel value to tourism all its gastronomic and oenological potential. Some exhibitors are grouped under their respective Autonomous Region, Designation of Origin, etc. In order to obtain greater visibility and optimize their marketing channels.

The Gourmets Show was already international before being officially recognized as such but the internationalization of the fair has increaseed in successive editions so that exhibitors from all over the world exhibit their best products and have transformed the event into a perfect sample of the best of gastronomy and oenology of the whole planet. Through demonstrations, show cookings, tastings and other activities during the four days of the fair, the exhibitors showed all their agro-food wealth.

conjunto 1 gourmet 2019

All kinds of delicatessen products were available throughout the week and it is in these premium products that packaging also plays an important role. Studio Glass presents itself at the show as a supplier specialized in decorated glass, because when choosing a product among the wide variety of models on the market, the content is not the only variable involved in the selection process of either product. Packaging is key to generating the necessary impact on consumers and in the case, for example, of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (a high added value product) this factor acquires special relevance

At Studio Glass we transform packaging into a design item, bringing that added value to the product that makes consumers choose one or the other item.