The Paris Beer Week, is since 2013 one of the main festivals in France whose main protagonist is craft beer. This is an event that is characterized by its lively, innovative, educational and being an action which brings together more than 150 parallel events held throughout the city of Paris. And the Spanish company Glass Studio Glass has made the cup of 2016 edition. A tasting glass of 15 cl, not glass, with the Paris Beer Week wants to highlight, as in previous editions, beer as a gastronomic product.


The Paris Beer Week, which was held until May 8, has changed the city of Paris. It is the place of exchange between producers, bars and beer lovers. And they have participated from small breweries and micro breweries which shows its product, through the bars and restaurants that serve accompanied with typical products proximity stores specializing in craft beer conducting workshops pairings is made, the associations and groups ‘craft beer friends’ and of course distributors.


All these elements have one goal: to promote responsible consumption of beer and artisanal quality products and develop public interest in non-standardized beer products.

A quiet and quality event

Emmanuel Lorenzo, director of Studio Glass, his first partipation in this event has allowed “direct contact with the processor, actively different non crowded events that allowed the meeting with beer lovers so inform intervene and especially, meet young winemakers who are recovering traditional methods of brewing”. Lorenzo believes that “the fact of adding events in different places of the city, tastings and small bike routes through the old breweries or training workshops breweries have added an extra quality to a festival that aims to new ways of conceive beer”.

The Paris Beer Week ended with a grand finale in which 45 local and from Italy breweries, Belgium, England and Spain were cited in the Bellevilloise – one of the buildings that emerged after 1877 during the Paris Commune, which allowed access citizens to education and culture and recovered since 2005 as a center for artistic creation and realization of events independents to sample over 90 microbrews and participate in conferences, enjoy the product with local DJ and attend the Brewers Amateur Competition.

Photos: intothewidefilms