About 400 people interested in wine tasting from 21 wineries from different DO. The tasting took place on April 26 at the Exhibition Space Studio Glass of Barcelona. Twenty wineries from various DO have occasionally come together to offer an ‘exceptional’ tasting red wines, whites and champagnes that are outside the most commercial circuit. Fredi Torres, one of the participants winegrowers and co-organizer of the event, described the experience “very positive”, not ruling out new calls for this appointment.

The tasting, an event outside the Food Fair, took place on Tuesday 26 April and from 11 in the morning the exhibition space Studio Glass, located in Còrsega 240 Barcelona street, has become a large stage with transit constant public.

Fredi Torres, believes that the success of the this event has been because this tasting “has been a unique occasion in which distributors and vintners have released exceptional wines that are not in the usual circuits of distribution. This success requires us ‘almost’ back to make a new call. the public response has been excellent and Glass Studio space, the ideal place. “

Emmanuel Lorenzo, CEO of Studio Glass for Spain and Portugal, the organization of this event “has been a major challenge, especially for the little time that is provided. But in the end all have been happy.”

Representative wines wines from Rías Baixas, Empordà, Montsant, Castilla y León, Ribeira Sacra, Toro, Rioja, Ribera del Duero & Chinon, Ribera del Duero, Penedès, Bierzo, Tierra de Cádiz, Méntrida, Jumilla, Priorat, Gredos y de Pfalz, la región vinícola de la Renania alemana.

Wines and DO

  1. Colet, Clàssic Penedès 
  2. Albamar, Rías Baixas 
  3. Sota els Àngels, Empordà 
  4. Antoine Touton & Fredi Torres, Montsant 
  5. Barco del Corneta, Castilla y León
  6. Álvar de Dios, Toro 
  7. Olivier Rivière, Rioja 
  8. Roberto Olivan, Rioja 
  9. Sílice Viticultores, Ribeira Sacra 
10. Dominio de Es & Domaine de Pallus, Ribera del Duero &Chinon
11. Galia, Castilla y León 
12. Goyo García Viadero, Ribera del Duero 
13. 4 Monos, Gredos 
14. Esteve i Gibert, Penedès 
15. Veronica Ortega, Bierzo 
16. Vega de Ribes, Penedès 
17. Köhler-Ruprecht, Pfalz 
18. Mario Rovira, Tierra de Cádiz 
19. Arrayán, Méntrida 
20. La del Terreno, Jumilla 
21. Fredi Torres Viticultor, Priorat & Rías Baixas

This unique tasting has been organized by the winegrowers Fredi Torres and Marc Lecha and online wine shop Gourmet Hunters and has the support of Gourmet Hunters, Barcelona Wines and Cuvée3000.